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Buying a property

Here is Spain there are two agents on each property (normally). One who represents the selling part (the vendor) and one who represents the buying part (the buyer). We at SPC (Scandinavian Property Center) are focusing on the buying part. Our expertise is based on knowledge on Cds (Costa del Sol) and finding what the client really wants. Our experience has told us many things, but one thing that comes back to us more often is the fact that the client don’t know where they want to live. Therefore we need to analyze what is being said and try to convert it into the best of the best.

Selling a property

Of course we also sell properties here in Cds. If you are considering selling your property, we will of course assist you in the process. But we will have to insist that we do it our way. This means that all the legal matters of the property will be collected and checked. Professional stylist and photographer will be used to present the property in its best light and fashion. We will not advertise the property on any web pages until everything is ready, but we will of course be able to tell our clients verbally about it.

Renting/renting out a property

At this time we do not do any kind of rentals. Just by the fact that there are so many others in Cds that provide that service. We do however have connections with many companies, who we can put you in direct contact with. We are planning to offer rentals in the future, but we would rather learn to walk perfect before we start running.


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